The Mazda car detail harmony and elegance

25In the early nineties the market for premium sedans began noticing a greater demand, so most brands trying to offer an alternative in this sector. Japanese brands were not far behind, because since the late eighties they put the meat on a grill premium with the launch of luxury brands like Lexus and Infiniti, which sought to conquer the American market, mainly dominated with an iron fist by Cadillac and Mercedes.

However, European and Japanese market also showed that demand, not only large sedans, but also middle saloon. Mazda also opted for alternatives in this sector, geared toward the Japanese market under the brand Eunos, then a luxury brand.

The main objective was to develop Mazda sedan larger one to replace the Mazda 929, a sedan aimed at the nineties, luxurious, comfortable with all the technological advances of the time. He thought he could compete in the medium saloon sector, so we also decided to develop a smaller model, but taking a sporty look and features that differentiate it from competition, also under the Eunos brand.

The development of this half saloon used Mazda 626 platform, but like his older brother had to offer design and performance of high-end car selling sites of the time. The development of premium sedans both finished at once, so that both could be pitching in the same year.

The production and marketing of the Eunos 500 and Eunos 800 started in 1992, aimed primarily at Japanese markets. However, Mazda was carrying out its expansion across the European continent, so they decided to export the two saloons under the Mazda brand. Europe changed their names to the large sedan was called Xedos 9 and mid-size sedan Xedos 6. The Xedos 6 was never set foot in the U.S. market, although it does Xedos 9 sold under the name Mazda Millennia.

26The Xedos 6 was a saloon with a harmonious design, sports and risky, yet discreet. He enjoyed a good start, a spacious interior and a smooth ride and responsive. As expected, presented very complete equipment like power windows on all four doors and electric mirrors. It is offered with two engines, one a DOHC four-cylinder 0.6 and 117 hp and 140 hp 2.0 V6. Eunos 500 in Japan, the V6 offering 160 hp.

Its main objective was to compete with European midsize sedans like the BMW 3 Series or the Audi 80. It came to compete in the BTCC, but failed to reap any success due to funding problems, despite being among the top five in some runs. Market ceased in 1999, quietly disappearing from the Mazda range. There were a total of 72,101 units, and today it is not difficult to find a second hand car unit at a good price.

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